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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tummy Trouble

Well, I still have no pictures but decided that did't mean I couldn't post a new blog. This has been a trying week for baby! I went to Arizona last weekend for a Demarle at Home convention (it's a direct sales company I've started a business with...curious?? Just ask!!). Anyway, it was SO hot in Arizona I could barely step out of the hotel, not to mention I just think the traveling was unsettling for our growing baby! I had a great time and learned a lot of new ideas for my business, but my tummy was upset a lot of the time. To top it off, I got home and spent my first night home ill, ugh!
The rest of the week was great, busy days at work that just few by! I am struggling to get into my pants these days, but still just a tad too small for maternity... Although, I may just start wearing the maternity pants, I mean who cares right?? I am pregnant after all and excited! I love that I'm starting to show a little bit!
On Friday evening I had a Demarle Rendez'vous in Woodburn that I was having a hard time being excited about! I had worked all week and was exhausted! Luckily for me, I had Rachel and Sawyer to go with me! They brought me a new CD full of fun songs, and lots of enthusiasm. Oh, and the best part, Rachel was the BEST helper ever! She prepared food, passed it around to guests, and she and Lisa even washed everything for me, then she packed my stuff up and put it in the car....she's the BEST!!
Saturday I went to my nephew Jagger's (he's the baby in the photo on my last blog) 3rd birthday...I can't believe he's already 3! He was so cute opening his gifts, even if he didn't know what it was he would say, "Oh, this is for me!" I called early in the morning to say Happy Birthday and he got on the phone and said "Hi Meghan. It's my birthday today. I'm naked!!" How cute is that??
Saturday evening Rachel treated me to a Blues Concert at Lefty's while Sawyer stayed at our house with Uncle Eddie. I was excited to go out and have some fun and enjoy the music. Curt and Teri Abel and Mike Bethers joined us for the fun! Unfortunately, our evening was cut short because I made the HORRIBLE mistake of eating pizza. I have now learned the hard way (it took me twice) that our growing baby does NOT like pizza!! Oh well, cutting pizza from my diet is not necessarily a bad will help me keep weight gain to a minimum...

Friday, July 13, 2007

9 weeks and counting!

After gentle nudges from a few first pregnancy blog!

On June 14th I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive! We were so excited, and honestly, a little skeptical of the "home test" results (more Eddie than me) so I took a second test the next morning, and sure enough it was positive, too. I figured out that morning that I was about 5 weeks along and immediately went to the computer to figure out the possible due date, which said Valentine's Day 2008...perfect. I thought, what a special (and easy for Eddie to remember) due date. Eddie wanted to wait to share the news with family and friends until I could see my doctor and confirm the results, but I couldn't get in for 2 weeks...I couldn't keep the secret! I had to tell my Mom, Sister and Rachel. It was really hard not to shout it from the rooftops, but I figured I had to respect Eddie's wishes.

Then, dum dum dum, the nausea and EXTREME fatigue hit! Oh my have I been tired and nauseated so much in the last 6 weeks to last me a lifetime. I feel really super lucky that I have not had the unpleasant side effect of vomiting to go with the nausea, but still just feeling icky like that and not being able to talk about it at work was agony! The fatigue is strange, I'm not usually one to take naps, but these days, I come home in the evening and lay on the couch, the WHOLE evening in and out of naps, then I go to bed. On the weekends, sometimes I take two naps!

Eddie came with me to our first prenatal appointment, which I think is a slightly traumatizing experience for all men! He came out unscathed and pleased with the doctor. I can't say the same for me...the phlebotomist who took my blood went right through my vein and I still have the bruises to prove it! All in all, I can't complain, I do have a great doctor and I'm looking forward to seeing him every 4 weeks....LOL!

Now, let me gush, just for a second about my husband. I am not married to a person who would EVER complain about things not getting done around the house, and I usually try to keep up on it for the most part with a little help from him. These days, NOTHING is getting done! I am so lazy. He has not said one word and quietly does things around the house while I lay on the couch. I have whined, complained and snapped more at him since I've been pregnant than I EVER have and he just sympathizes or quietly moves to another room when I'm grouchy! Even if I've been grouchy and try to apologize, he insists that I don't need to apologize and everything's fine. He has even gone to the store for me twice in an hour to get what sounded good... When you're nauseated, it's hard to find things that sound good! He's just been wonderful!

We are just so thrilled to be expecting, thank you to all of you who have listened to me whine before I got pregnant and whine since I've been pregnant! Your "ears" are much appreciated!