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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Diego's 1st Ride on a Horse

On Saturday, Diego got his first Ride on a Horse. We went to the Moore's for Tony's 40th Birthday party and he was nice enough to let the kids ride the horse! I was sort of joking when I asked Diego if he wanted to get on the horse, and then SHOCKED when he said "hmmm, ok" (hmmm, is his new word of choice when you ask him anything). So when his turn rolled around I picked him up and put him up there, thinking he might just flip out and want down, but he didn't! Eddie couldn't believe it either. He wasn't super excited about it since he had a bad experience on a horse when he was younger, but Diego did GREAT! Thanks so much to Skip for helping Diego have a smooth ride! And, if it weren't for Rachel I wouldn't have any of these cute pictures! (all taken on her iPhone and I am VERY impressed with how well they turned out!)