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Friday, October 24, 2008

8 Months Old

Today, Diego is 8 months old! And folks, he's mobile!!!! Not quite a crawl, more of a scoot...but he is loving all the exploring he gets to do now. Its almost pointless to put a blanket on the floor, because he quickly escapes to look, touch, taste whatever he can find. Right now he stays in whatever room I'm in, but I'm sure that will soon change. I think he's close to pulling himself up on things too.He has quite a personality and loves to make noise. Whether its squealing, "talking" (he even says Mamamama, Dadadada pretty well!) or the occasional cry, he just loves to hear his voice. If he catches a glimpse of himself in a mirror on a toy or in the bathroom after bathtime, he giggles!

He plays really well by himself, as long as we are in sight. I'm amazed how long he will entertain himself these days! He loves to get out of the house, no matter where we go, I think he gets stir crazy if we stay home for too long.

I am so lucky to be home with Diego, I enjoy all my time with him!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

1st Swimming Lesson

Today was our first Mommy and Me swimming lesson and we had a great time! Diego absolutely LOVES the water! We were both drenched from head to toe by the time we were done because he splashed so much! He's going to be a great swimmer. I decided for some weird reason to put mascara on before we left the house and that was a big mistake, it was runnign down my face! Our friends Leah and baby Cole and Ashley and baby Jordan are in our class too! Poor Cole cried every time Diego made noise, I guess he's just too loud for him. Leah and I are going to have to get together more often so he gets used to Diego's yelling! :) Here we are with our friends Ashley and Jordan waiting our turn for lessons!
Here is Leah and Cole, after he stopped crying because Diego scared him for about the 5th time! Here is my little water dog! He loved the water so much, he didn't even like sitting on the side, he wanted IN! See how wet his head is? I didn't dunk him, its all from his splashing and kicking!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family Trip to the Park!

Yesterday, the three of us headed to Bush park to enjoy the last of the nice weather. I had been wanting to put Diego in one of the baby swings at the park to see if he would enjoy it. We had a great time! Our attempt at a family photo, we couldn't get Diego to look up, he was way too interested in the red swing!
Daddy gave Diego gentle pushes in the swing and he really had fun!
I took Diego down the slide, too! Daddy took our picture without any begging from Mommy!

Diego really enjoyed just looking around at the park. We walked, talked and just enjoyed each others company. We even saw a few Squirrels!