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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Party!

The Guest of Honor

The Decorations

The Invitation

(made especially for Diego by Stephanie of Creature Bug)

The Cake (its supposed to be a caterpillar)

Our Two Happiest Little Guests

(my Nephew Jagger on top, and Reed on the bottom)

The day before the party, I decided Diego needed a fun birthday balloon for the party, so he and I went to party depot and I picked out a big mylar balloon that says "Look Who's 1." We brought it home in the car and took it into the kitchen. It was naptime, so he took his nap and when he woke up we went to see Rachel's new house. When we returned home from that trip and came inside, all of a sudden he was PETRIFIED of the balloon. I pulled it down from the ceiling so he could look at it and he clawed into me like it was a big monster! I had to take it into another room so he couldn't see it while we ate dinner. The next morning, as Eddie and I were getting things ready for the party, Diego was playing with his toys and every once in a while he would look up to the ceiling and cry and I couldn't figure out why. Finally I remembered the balloon was up there and so grabbed it to move it to the back bedroom and out of sign. Well, this apparently came across to him as the balloon was going to get me and he just lost it! I came back and picked him up and he just kept crying. I took him down the hallway to his room to change his diaper, crying the whole way, and he peered into the hallway like the balloon might jump out and grab him, but then he realized it was out of sight, yet still he was clearly upset by it. Now, even when I say the word balloon, he looks up to see if its around. Hopefully he will forget about the darn thing soon, and maybe I'll forget about the $9 I spent on it as it sits in our back room waiting to be deflated and disposed!!
Eddie and I were really worried because after the whole balloon incident, Diego refused to take his morning nap. We were just sure he would melt down during the party, but he did GREAT! He had so much fun and not a peep out of the little guy. He had friends and cousins to play with and tons of new toys. We served Taco Soup lunch for everyone, followed by opening presents (mostly me, Sawyer and Jagger with very little help from Diego) and then cake. Diego had fun eating his cupcake and didn't make too big of a mess!

(You can't see his shirt very well here, but his party shirt said "Chicks dig me.")

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Diego!

Here is Diego on February 24th, 2008... Welcome to the world baby Boy!Here he is today... Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy!One year ago today, I spent 29 hours in labor so we could welcome this sweet child into our lives. Every minute was worth it (and bearable because I had an epidural!) and when he arrived we were so excited. Before he was born, we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl...although deep down I knew he was a boy the whole time. This made his entrance to the world all the more special to us. We have had the most wonderfully blessed and challenged year. We enjoy watching each new skill and milestone and all the everyday wonderful things a baby brings to the family. Things have changed from the day he was born, of course. We are used to having him around and even though there is something new everyday, I think we can finally say we are comfortable being parents and confident in our ability to raise him into a loving child. Diego is an absolute joy with a very fun personality, a little giggle that makes us both laugh along and a cry that has made us cry along with him too. We love you Diego, Happy Birthday!
We spent the day together as a family today. We went to iHop for breakfast (incidentally today was Free Pancake Day, BONUS!) Diego really wanted nothing to do with eating breakfast and for some reason didn't even like pancakes today, not even with syrup on them! We came home, played with some new toys, took a nap and then we made this craft project together. All three of us were involved with it. Its adorable! The handprints aren't as good as I'd hoped, and this was our second attempt, but its good enough and I am glad we did it today, on his 1st birthday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rock-a-bye Baby

I have always enjoyed rocking babies to sleep. I was 11 when my oldest nephew was born, and I think I started then. Every child I've ever taken care of has been rocked to sleep by me. Rocked in a rocking chair, rocked by swaying while I was standing up, every sort of rocking you can think of. Now that I have my own baby, I love it even more. I look forward to nap time and bed time every day (for this reason and the obvious reasons. :) ) and I just rock my sweet sweet boy to sleep. After he's asleep I take a few minutes and just watch him. I love every minute of it. I love holding him in my arms. I love that he gets sweaty from the warmth of his Momma's arms. I love that when I put him down, I have an imprint on his ear on my arm. He has grown so fast, I'm enjoying every second.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


My little guy is so sweet! A few days ago we were eating lunch and he grabbed a bit of his grilled cheese and reached out to me and when I opened my mouth, he gave me a bite! He has given me bites of his food at each meal since and after I take the bite, he claps. Its so sweet. He is figuring out how to share and that Momma has a mouth too. He has also recently discovered he can stick his finger in his nose, and mine too. As funny as it is, when he catches you off guard with a finger in your nose, its not too comfortable! Diego is very ticklish, but if we want him to giggle, we tickle his palms. Isn't that funny? I just love it. I've been trying to teach him to blow kisses and each time we try, I tickle his hand and he just giggles away. Diego has also had a really hard time with teething, especially with the top teeth. He has been trying to get them since November and so far only one has popped through. One of the eye teeth, so funny! He looks like a little snaggle tooth. I think the front teeth are close to popping through the gums, but so far he's just a little snaggle! I love this sweet baby!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Diego's 1st Trip to the Oregon Coast

Our real estate agent hosted an open house at our house today, so we decided to head to the coast for the afternoon.
As usual, the Oregon Coast was cold, windy and rainy, but we had a great time! We were really only outside for about 2 minutes, but Diego enjoyed watching the ocean and the many, many seagulls from the warm car. The only reason we got out of the car was to take a few pictures. We really enjoyed our time as a family today. We drove over, stopped at the Salt Water Taffy store, went to the beach and looked at it from the car, ate at Mo's and took a really quick trip to the outlets, where I found 99 cent jammies for Diego. We're on a strict "buying a new house" budget and I only had jammies in mind because Diego is in need, and I'd say I got a great deal! I'm really quite proud of myself for only going to one store!