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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Four Months Old

Happy 4 months Diego! He is growing and changing each day! He rolled over for the first time on June 19th, from his back to his tummy...and I must say he is quite proud of himself! Each time he does it, he smiles when he gets to his tummy. The only trouble is if he gets on to his tummy too soon after eating, he spits up a little...but oh well, a little spit up never hurt anyone! He's enjoying the water in the bath a lot these days and soon we'll have to move the tub to the big tub instead of over the sink, he's growing so fast!

I set up a little photo shoot in the living room for him, and the bottom 3 pics are my faves. I only took a few, but they turned out pretty cute I must say!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crib Update

So, luckily my husband is a total news junkie, otherwise we wouldn't have known our crib has been recalled due to a safety hazard. So, my hard work of putting him to sleep in his crib will have to wait. I know the crib probably won't break down or anything since I've used it and its fine, but now that I know I'm just not willing to risk it. We'll have to start again once we get the new crib. Not sure how long that will take either. I can't help but breathe a little sigh of relief, I don't think Momma was ready for this any way, so this justifies it a little longer. I just hope this doesn't cause us grief later when we do get the new crib, but I won't worry about that right now.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Asleep in his crib...

Tonight, for the first time, I put Diego to bed in his crib. He takes naps in there regularly, but tonight is the first time I've tried putting him there at bedtime. I'm sitting in bed wishing he would wake up so I could bring him back into our bedroom to sleep in the bassinet. The hardest part is I know he will sleep much better in his own room without our interruptions. I have so many things going through my mind right now. I am petrified of SIDS, worried the baby monitor won't be loud enough for me to hear him (even though his door is literally 10 feet from ours).... I have been thinking about at least trying this for a while now, mainly because his bassinet recommends he only sleep there until he's 18 pounds and I'm pretty sure he's close, and because at some point he needs to be in his own room...I guess. I would be perfectly happy with him sleeping in our bedroom forever (I think), but Eddie doesn't agree. We'll see how tonight goes...I may end up sleeping on the floor in his room.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Give Peas a Chance

We found this cute t-shirt for Diego at Old Navy and I had to post these fun pictures I took of him with it on! I need to buy it in a bigger size so when we do actually try peas, he can wear it. :)