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Friday, June 25, 2010

Berry Pickin'

Today, I went strawberry pickin' and Diego went strawberry eatin'. We had a good time and the berries are delicious!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Full Size Bed

Diego has been sleeping in a full size bed for a week now! He quickly grew uncomfortable in the toddler bed and needed more room, and quite frankly, so did I for my bedtime snuggles! I went and bought just a mattress for now, until we feel more comfortable with him up off the floor on a real bed (his crib converts to a head an foot board for a full size bed). I didn't take pictures or post the first night he slept in the bed because I was waiting for his comforter to arrive. He was so excited today for his "beach" blanket to arrive and when it did he had to go up and lay in his bed under the covers! He keeps calling it his new "beach" bed. He loves the beach, so that's why I told him it was a beach blankie! When I took him to pick out sheets for the bed, he insisted on tan sheets, calling them brown, and called the new bed the brown bed. I'm glad its the beach bed now, calling it the brown bed was sort of wigging me out. I actually really wanted to get Thomas sheets for the bed, but they are really hard to find in full size. I did finally find a brand new set on ebay for a reasonable price, since the only set they had on were $50! He doesn't know about them yet, and they are due to arrive next week, so I'm sure he will be thrilled!
Here is is loving the new bed!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Year Pictures

I finally got Diego's 2 year pictures taken, only 3 months after he turned two. In all honesty, I actually forgot. BAD MOMMA! When picture time came, it had been one of "those" weeks. I hadn't done laundry, Diego could have probably used a haircut and he was tired, but dog gonnit we were doing the pictures! I love the photographer we use, she has taken family pics and other pics of just Diego and I have LOVED them. These are my favorites... I think they could have been better had odds not been stacked against us, but Diego is cute so he worked it.

Playing in the POOL!

I found a really fun pool at Costco and we had a few warm days in May so we were able to set it up and let Diego have some fun. It really is the best backyard pool I've ever had! A slide, two separate pool areas and even a bench and drink holders for the parents. :) The day we set it up it was supposed to be warm in the afternoon, but he insisted on trying it in the morning. It was only about 55 degrees but he loved it. We took him out when his lips turned blue. He even fought us, strange kid doesn't even care it was cold! BRRRR! He went back in later when it was warm and just had a fantastic time. So glad we got the pool and hope to enjoy it many many days in the summer! I'm betting Chloe will jump in at least once and she likes to use it as her water bowl!

Gettin' Dirty

If you know me, you know I am NOT A FAN OF GETTING DIRTY. At all. Period. Yep, that's me, the prissy girl, who doesn't like to get dirty. But, I'm being forced to change, and you know what? Its really not that bad. It all washes off, in case no one knew that, because I clearly didn't realize it! About a month ago, the sun was out and I decided to get some weeding done in the backyard and let Diego play. He was all set with his mud boots and gloves, etc. Our backyard is SOGGY, and has one big puddle off the deck after its been raining. This was the first time I just let him have at 'er with the muddy water and he was in heaven! He and Chloe splashed and played unti they had splashed all the water out and there was no more puddle. I really enjoyed watching and even got a little dirty myself. Its not so bad and he loves it. He likes to play in the rocks and dirt at the park and now I'm good with it.