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Saturday, January 22, 2011


I took Diego bowling twice in the last month. The first trip was with Mindy, Jaycoby and Ella. We all had a blast! Mindy and I went ahead and used the bumpers with the boys and by the end, they were using our turns too. Diego loved bowling and using the ramp to get the ball rolling down the lane. He enjoyed waiting for his ball to come back and picking it up all by himself. One turn, he was having a really hard time getting the ball to the ramp and then dropped it, but we quickly realized it was an 11 pounder! He had been using a 6 pounder but this one was the same color so he just grabbed it.

The second time we went with Auntie Erica, Uncle Bryan, Grandma, Uncle Lance, Aunt Yuni, Via, Jag, Jack and Bennie. The adults had their own lane this time, so no bumpers. I was reminded once again what a poor bowler I am! Everyone beat me, even the kids!!! We had a blast and Diego can't wait to go back,and I clearly need some practice.
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