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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Self Weaning?

Last Monday, Diego decided he didn't want to be rocked to sleep anymore. I was trying to get him to sleep for naptime and he said "Bed pease." So, I put him in his bed and tried to go back to get him about 15 minutes later, but he got mad, so I put him back into his bed and he was asleep within a few minutes. Later that night at bedtime, the same thing. So, although I was a little sad about missing on those sleepytime cuddles, I was happy to still have a few minutes to read stories and give him his bottle (yes, he's almost 2 and I was still giving him his milk in a bottle) and cuddle/talk/sing. Well, 2 days ago, he didn't really want his bottle, he wanted to read stories and then said "bed pease". in the last week he has weaned himself from rocking to sleep and from his bottle. I'm bittersweet, I'll be honest. BUT, I'm so proud of him for doing this himself and happy he gave up his bottle and learned the important skill of putting himself to sleep. He doesn't want a bottle at all, and doesn't like to drink milk out of a cup, so now our challenge is getting him to drink the milk.