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Thursday, October 4, 2007


The day is finally here! We got to see our baby on a video screen!
After waiting for an hour, we finally were called back to the ultra sound room in our doctor's office. We were so excited for the ultrasound, but more excited when we realized the machine our doctor has is a 4D!
We, or I should say I, held my ground of not finding out the sex and turned away when the doctor told me to. Eddie tried his darndest to see, but was not succesful. Sorry Eddie, we'll just have to be surprised together when he or she is born in a few months. The baby was SO active during the ultrasound the doctor had a really hard time getting a good shot. He was really trying for a face shot, but baby just wasn't going for it! We saw the heart, the stomach, little feet, little hands...all dancin' around like crazy! A note about the picture we did get: This is a profile of the baby's face, and NO that's not a HUGE nose! Right before the doctor locked in the image, the baby cupped his or her hand over the nose and if you look closely you can tell its a hand. Sure looks like he or she is going to be ornery...just like Daddy! We are even more excited now to meet this little one...only a few months left!


Rachel & Family said...

Look at those beautiful lips! She's going to be so pretty!!! I'm still guessing it's a girl! She's trying to be coy! I love it.
Either way, what a beautiful baby you will have! Over half way there...

Ona said...

Just wanted to let you know I started one :)

LizzyG said...

What a beautiful picture! What a beautiful baby!!! I love how you can clearly see the outline of the baby's face. I'm so glad everything went well, and the baby is healthy. I bet that was such a special time for you and Eddy. Did he get choked up? Come on spill the beans!!!

I've included my biggest, fattest pregnant pic to make you feel better today. You may be getting big, but I don't think you will EVER be this BIG!

Glory Laine said...

I thought boy when I first saw him. Rach and I should have a friendly bet going on. Really, really sweet. I'm so glad that you guys got to see this sweet thang and that everything looks healthy.

Tiff said...

"In a few months..." CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! It seems like it can't be that close, yet it are gonna be a mommy very, very soon! Love the photo - he/she just didn't want you to see what a cute little nose is on that precious face.

Sharon said...

Hi! I always see your comments around and thought I'd pop over to see the Diaz Baby Blog~hope you don't think I'm a stalker! : )

Ultra sound day is an awesome day! I remember mine, it seemed almost magical and unreal, but at the same time brought such a sense of closeness to the baby. Although, I do remember having to pee so badly! They had told me to have a full bladder because it made for better viewing. Looking back on it, that was probably some sort of cruel practical joke the nurses liked to pull to amuse themselves. Do they still do that? Maybe it's like Joey's tailor on "Friends." Well, sort of.

Anyway~happy, healthy pregnancy to you! You're officially over half way there!

Leslie said...

I was catching up on my blogs this morning and found you from Ona's. We live just around the corner practically! I've seen you comment on Glory Laine (I go to church with Ona & Glory) before, and it's funny that we're real-life neighbors too!

Then, when I saw the baby blog part, I just had to come read!

Best wishes with your new little boy or girl!

Joshua & Valerie said...

Yay! You finally got that ultrasound!! I loved it. It's so amazing, isn't it? It's wonderful to see your baby kicking and "swimming" around and seemingly enjoying life in the womb!

Come to MOPS now!!!! I mean, it would be awesome if you started MOPS now. (I read your post on Ona's blog.) It's for pregnant women, too. I'd actually totally recommend starting before your baby arrives. It'll give you a chance to get to know more women who are in the same boat as you are. (There are other pregnant women there (without any kids yet) and sooooo many like myself (and you in a few short months!) who are just starting out in this new world!) Just a thought! :)

Rachel & Family said...

Okay Becca, I'm willing to wager a $25 Starbucks Gift Card on the whole thing!!!

Hosmerita said...

By any chance is your Doctor Dr. Dalisky? I have only come to that based on the One Hour wait, the 4-D machine, and I think his office was Women's Healthcare Associates.
Anyways, if it is, I loved him! He is great. Just thought you should know.
If he isn't... hmm well he is great! And i am sure your doc is too.
By the way I found your blog off Becca's and Valerie's. Can't wait for you to join us at MOPS!

LizzyG said...

Wow, 10 comments Meghan!

See what happens when you blog on a regular basis :)
Well here's one more!

PS - I have an answer to your belly button question you asked, be looking for it on my blog soon!

Rachel & Family said...

Sawyer just walked in and saw the picture of the baby. She started jumping up and down and saying how cute SHE is!
And I have to say that we've had a talk about not looking at your belly and saying, "Uh oh!" again!!!
**I'm glad you added the vote**

Hosmerita said...

SO I saw your belly button fears on Lizzy's blog. So I will post a picture just for you (and whoever else reads my blog) on mine.

Christen said...

What an exciting day. Thanks for sharing Meg. I think it is a boy..... :-) Hey change our email address to as you used the old one.

Kelli said...

I'm with RAchel. I think it's a girl. What a beautiful picture!!!

Merrie said...

Hi, Meghan! Remember me??? Just wanted to tell you my guess is that your baby is a girl. Because our daughter was born on Valentine's Day too! Enjoy!

Julie said...

Hi Meghan, I'm checking out your blog today and learning some random things about you! Reading makes me sleepy, too!

I'm Mark's wife, Julie. I think I met you once at the station before? It's been awhile, though.

Congrats on your baby! I'm going to vote for a girl... just because! Wouldn't it be fun if you had the baby ON Valentine's Day??