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Monday, November 12, 2007

What's in a name??

Eddie and I are having trouble coming up with a good name for our baby if its a boy (which I think it is!). We have a girls name we both LOVE, but can't say the same for boy. We have baby name books and I've looked through them several times, but just can't seem to find the right one! We both would like to avoid anything too popular and admire original names and some traditional ones too.

We need some help blogger pals! Give us some good boys names, but please don't be offended if we don't choose yours. If, however, you do send us a name we both love and end up using if our baby is a boy...I'll treat the winner to a $5 Starbucks card. (I know its not much, but remember, I did just quit my job!)


Mrs. Ranch said...

My absoulute favorite name that I wanted to name Mason was Micah. LOVE that name.

Jason won the right to name our little guy Mason. And we're done with having kids, so I'm throwing the name into the ring, all for the sake of a $5 gift card!

Tell me you're coming to the blogger night....I'd love to meet you since we're practically neighbors. If you come I can explain to you where I live.

Ona said...

A name that has came up with both my pregnancies is Crew....that's assuming it was a boy of course. If Eddie was a bmx lover he'll know where the name came from. If not, I'll explain later. Something about that name just stuck with's such a cool name!

Meghan said...

I'm sad to say, I won't be able to make it to the blogger party...our birthing classes are on Tuesday nights and we are both really enjoying them! We will just HAVE to do it again sometime...I'm so said I'll be missing out on meeting so many great blogging friends!

mbrassfield said...

The name Matt & I were planning on using for a boy was Zander Matthew. We are not having anymore children so it is available. Also I have a nephew named Tyler Danger. Literally Danger is his middle name and Matt just loves it. He refuses to call him Tyler and always refer's to him and call's him Danger. I think that's a guy thing. Enjoy and good luck! Oh and I agree girl names are easier.

Rachel said...

I have a whole list of boy names...but it's upstairs and I'd wake everyone here are a few ideas right now....I've included middle names for some...

Jackson (Thomas)
Evan (Scott)

I could list more...because you know how much I love Starbucks...but that's all I have at 6:30am!!

Glory Laine said...

When I think of your little bown skinned beautiful boy I see the name Marco. It means warlike. Maybe not a selling point for you but Eddie will like that. I need to see some of your girl names you like, then I get a better idea of your tast and can make a better suggestion. You'll have to email me.

Hosmerita said...

ok, so maybe I am lost but i thought that our blog party was on the 24th, a Saturday...

I like the name Eathan.

Hosmerita said...

yes I was lost, the blogger party is on a Tuesday. I am so sorry you wont make it!

Team Johnston said...

Lets see boy names:
1. Jackson
2. Jeremiah
3. Jonathan
4. Nathan
5. Noah
6. Aiden Michael
Email me and I can help you think of some more.
~Danielle :)

The Reynolds said...

As a teacher, I have so many students in my classes that have names I love. (Charlie is named after a student whom I adored!)
So, here are the greatest names I have had (The kids were great as well! Trust me, any name starting with Tr makes me cringe a little...just my own experience)
1. Ely
2. Joseph
3. Nathan
4. Samuel
5. Jesse
6. Henry (Hank)
7. Clay
8. Owen
9. Wyatt
It's overwhelming, but you will truly feel and know the name of your child when you hear me!

mbrassfield said...

I like Hayden also

Angela said...

I love Jackson and Ryder!

Sharon said...

Boy names are so hard! I'm glad we had two girls because we never could agree with boys names.

My good friend, Mary, has awesome names for her little Flores babies. The boys are Valentin (they call him Val) and Francisco (they call him Cisco).

Michelle said...

I also wanted Micah for all of my kids... none of them ended up with that name. I love these as well (I work in a school)

ezekiel (I have one named Zeke)
drexlyn (drex)

(fyi... I am friends with angela)

Glory Laine said...

Love the new look.

Joshua & Valerie said...

Hi! We missed you at the blogger's party! I knew you weren't going to be there...and for a good reason! :) Here's something I was thinking about- was your class at the hospital? Cause before Karen and I went to the party, we stopped by the hospital to visit someone who had just had a baby. On our way back to the parking lot, we past at least two couples carrying pillows on their way to a birthing class. I didn't pay very much attention to them. Then later I realized I may have passed YOU!!!! (How funny would that be!)

momaof4 said...

Found you through the blog night stuff! (I was with Val!! We may have smiled at you!)

Naming a child is so hard. I remember it was important to us to look at the meaning of the names...Just so we didn't give one of them a psycho one! :)

Love Micah though!!!!! Mrs. Ranch has good taste.

Joshua & Valerie said...

Oh, yeah! Different hospital! :)

Anonymous said...

Mitch Diaz

Anonymous said...

What about Juan De Dios? Jorge,Pablo,Bartemelio or my favorite Jesus?

priscilla tilgner said...

have you found out what your having yet? or will you be waiting for the surprise on d-day? i really like the names...
now i know cash is a little different well actually a lot different but you either like it or hate it. hope you find a few names you like!