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Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am 41 weeks today...and I am finally to that impatient, get this baby out point! I really wanted to avoid this feeling. So far, I had just been enjoying pregnancy and over the last few weeks, enjoying being at home since I am done working...but today, I'm done! I want a baby, not a pregnant belly!!

We had our Dr appointment this morning and I am 60% effaced and 1 cm dilated, so things are moving, slowly. I am scheduled to be induced on Tuesday morning at 7 am, but I am REALLY hoping to go into labor naturally before then. My doctor explained that labor would be a much more pleasant experience for baby and me if I could go into labor here's hoping for that! But, if I don't, I'm ready for tuesday and so is Eddie!!


Glory Laine said...

I say just start pushing and lets see what happens.

LizzyG said...

You poor girl!!!

I can totally relate. Daniel was 11days overdue, and from the first day past my due date I had to beg my doctor not to induce me, because I also wanted to start labor naturally. She said the absolutely latest she would let me go would be 14 days past my due I made it with 3 days to spare!

Sarah was 3 days overdue, and Olivia was 12 days overdue!!! And I did end up having to be induced with Olivia. But the labor actually went very smoothly even though it started abruptly. Either way, you'll do great!

(sorry for writing a book!)

Mrs. Ranch said...

Oh, now it's time to try all the old wives tales! Spicy food, long walks, some fun in bed...who knows, maybe it'll spur on the Diaz baby!

I can't wait to hear about your birth experience and to see pics and the name of your new family member.

Rachel said...

He's just not done cookin' yet. And he's just like his mother...fashionably late for his own birthday!

mcmom said...

Even though I have never met you you actually have been on my mind. This time of your pregnancy is so fun, but I know you are so done. It would be really fun to have another blogger party so I can meet you since our little ones are so close in age. Good luck.

Michelle said...

The end is always so difficult... it's God's way of getting you ready. (My personal philosophy) I look forward to a post that a new baby is here!

momaof4 said...

Where you at Red Robin tonight? I think my hubby opened the door for you. ;)

You look wonderful for being 40 weeks!!!!! Hang in there, can't wait to see this new little one. Get a big project out, and get started on it! That did it for me. I came home to my table covered in scrap bookn' stuff :)

mbrassfield said...

One of my friends said bouncing on a exercise ball helped her go into labor. For me the doctor stripped my membranes. One of my other friends swears by drinking castor oil. Also there are some pressure points on your feet that are suppose to induce labor, look it up on the internet and have Eddie give you a foot massage :)

Angela said...

No baby yet? What in the world???
He will be here before you know it and I am so excited for you!

Melissa said...

I so remember that feeling of being DONE! For me, with the twins, it was at about 5 months though! ; ) I will be sending good thoughts your way of labor starting naturally before Tuesday!

AKmamaof4 said...

poor thing. Caleb was two weeks late and induction is not fun- I've had it done twice. With Madeline my dr. suggested nipple stimulation. Sounds funny but I locked myself in my room and watched a couple chick flicks while squeezing away. It makes you release a hormone with makes you contract. Worked for me because the next day my water broke. Try it. Can't wait to see pics.

LizzyG said...

Ok, the "nipple stimulation" mentioned in the previous comment brought back a funny memory and I just have to share.

We were in the hospital, waiting to be induced. And before they were going to hook me up to the potussin, the doctor was going to give me a few hours to see if I'd go into labor naturally. Well, this nurse came in and started to very seriously talk to me about nipple stimulation. Jon was standing right behind her, and the whole time she was talking to me he was standing behind her rubbing his nipples with this big grin on his face, trying to get me to laugh. The nurse was so serious, and I was trying so hard to not bust up laughing. So whenever someon mentions nipple stimulation, I think of Jon :)

Meghan said...

Kristan...YES I was at Red Robin and I thought you looked so familiar...probably from pics on your blog! I wish I would have known it was you guys! Please tell your hubby thank you again for opening the door for me! So glad you guys had an evening out together. :)

Ok, that's it, I'm trying the nipple thing and crossing my fingers that it works! I'm going to do some walking today too!! Thanks for all the great tips ladies, and some good laughs too! Liz, I can totally see Eddie doing something just like Jon...I don't know how you held back your laughter!!! :)

Ona said...

Don't have this baby till I get back or wait until Sunday.
I'm going to have Dave check the blogs to see if this baby comes this weekend. Good luck!

Team Johnston said...

I say go for a walk around the mall. That's what I did when I was pregnant with Allyson, she was 2 weeks late, I went for my check up and was only 1 cm dilated and was told by my doc to walk, to speed up the process.
Hope baby Diaz comes soon!
~Danielle :)

Joshua & Valerie said...

Hang in there!!! I went into labor before my body was ready and hours later ended up having a cesarean because of it. (I wasn't dialated, barely effaced, Makayla hadn't water broke out of the blue.)

Although it's very common, you DON'T want to end up with a cesarean! I'm praying for you...for your baby to come safely and naturally! (Although, just like cesareans, sometimes inductions are necessary, they have a higher rate of ending in cesarean and are often more painful with super contractions!!)

Relax, take a bath, take a walk. Spend some quality time with Hubby. Things are going to change BIG TIME so soon!!!!

AKmamaof4 said...

I swear you should put a counter on your page because I'm CONSTANTLY checking to see if there's a baby yet.

Adam said...

I remember those days well. Addison was 3 weeks overdue (my Addison, the boy).

The due date never matters until it passes, and then suddenly it's the center of your life, isn't it? I remember frequently listening to Brandy chart the hours: "It's been 228 hours since this boy was supposed to have been born!!! Don't they have some guarantee on that date?!"

It was 3 weeks of constant experimentation... friends, family, people we met at the supermarket, would give labor-inducing secrets which, like hiccup remedies, never worked... they only made Brandy more miserable while waiting. We tried blue cohosh, black cohosh (we were from Eugene... people are very commited to their herbal tinctures), castor oil... the list goes on.

It's been a couple days since you posted this, I can only hope that baby Diaz has already emerged, or that you're in labor as I type this.

I hope you don't have to wait much longer!