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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Trip!

Diego took his first trip last weekend! We went to my cousin Eden's wedding in Washington. I have to brag here...Diego is the BEST traveler. He was so good, the entire weekend. I couldn't have asked for anything better. We had a wonderful time. We went with my Mom, Sister, Niece and Nephews. The drive was great. We stopped along the way at an estate sale, and then at Ihop for breakfast...yum!
Getting ready to go!

My niece Olivia, isn't she sweet?

Diego with Aunt Erica and Cousin Jagger at Ihop. This was after Jagger ate the whole scoop of butter off his plate.... He had a tummy ache later, I wonder why?

My Mom and Olivia

Diego meeting cousin Eden for the first time!

The little boys, just waking up on Saturday morning!

Diego LOVED chillin' on a blanket at the reception. He didn't make a peep during the wedding ceremony!

He even napped on his blankie outside, TWICE during the reception...right through the noise and a live blues band!!!!!

Cant' wait to take him on another adventure!


Erica said...

Okay...he did make a little "peep" during the ceremony...remember?? And sister we ate at Elmers - not IHOP! Too funny!!! It was a great time, Diego did awesome!! It was the teenagers that were a pain!

Love you,

Glory Laine said...

1. isn't it so great to show off your baby? It's like when you were in pottery class in 2nd grade and said, "Look what I made!"

2. Love the look on your blog! How posh!

Ona said... must have a few too many:) Your story doesn't match up to your sisters. Funny! Glad you had a good experience and a great time!

Meghan said...

Ok, to clear up what my sister said... Yes, it was Elmer's, but a few of the kids had Ihop later in the trip, so I was totally confused...I'm a tired Momma! And, he didn't make any verbal sounds during the ceremony, however, he did let a pretty good Toot that got the rest of the guests laughing! :)

Angela said...

How fun! Yes, I bet you loved to show that sweetie off!!! I just want to sqweeze those little cheeks of his.

And your blog looks AWESOME!

Rachel said...

Okay, so the next road trip is to Boise...