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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm 2 1/2!

We've been working a lot with Diego on saying his name and age when we or others ask, and he picked it up really quickly. And the day I took this video, he surprised us by also counting to 5, we really only thought he could count to 3! I love this video, I think its super cute and he also really likes to watch it, he says "I wanna watch 2 1/2"!



Mike and Mindy Roth said...

Good job, Diego! I love the way he is doing what you say, just so he can finish telling you what is on his mind right then. That is totally how J is. And counting to 5? Smart boy. I bet you guys are so proud.

SHS2WOU said...

i LOVE when he does this :)

Erica said...

He is so smart - I love the fact that he wants to watch it...Did you know Jag was marked down in Kindergarten because he couldn't count backwards from 10 - so now you know what you need to teach hm next! Thanks for sharing - Jag has probaly watched it as many times now as Diego!

Jami said...

Soooo cute!