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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program

I don't want to forget how wonderful it was to watch our little guy in his very first Christmas program.  BAM!  I'm back to blogging.  I have kicked myself almost daily for not blogging sooner, so here I am.

Tonight was Diego's very first preschool Christmas program!  We were so proud to watch him.  Leading up to the program he was SO nervous.  He would tell us he didn't want to go and the next minute be very excited to go.  

When we arrived, he couldn't have been more excited!  Eddie and I were very excited to watch him and all his cuteness.  

They all marched down the center aisle of the Sanctuary ringing bells and got right in to their first song.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!  Which Diego has been singing at home for weeks now.  After that song, Diego was pretending to fall and sitting down.  His teacher finally had to pull him down closer to her so he could be monitored (that's our Diego!).  I was actually glad because then we had a better view of him.  He was so sweet when he was singing.  The look on his face was absolutely precious.  At the end of their last song, he let out a huge giggle, laughing at a baby that was seated in the first row.  He always has a way of attracting attention to himself.  It was adorable and made our night!  After the kids were excused they showed a really cute slideshow of all the kids.  The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes and it was absolutely perfect!  We are so proud of our preschooler!


Mike and Mindy Roth said...

YOU BLOGGED! HOLLA! I love the video and I'm so glad that his first program was so memorable.

Melissa said...

Yay! A new post! I've been checking every week. : ) Awww, Diego is such a cutie!! Thanks for posting his first program.

Meredith said...

I thought I had been following your blog and it said I wasn't :( this is so cute, Diego is such a sweetie!!