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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Sweet Sleeping Angel

After 6 months of not wanting to let go of Diego sleeping in my room and sometimes in bed with me, I finally tried putting him in his crib at night. The first two nights he woke up a few times and I of course brought him back into my room for the night. The third night, he slept all night! He has slept all night in his crib for 3 nights now! I am not holding my breath that it will continue, but the poor little guy needed his own space and his Mama just wasn't ready to not have him by her side. He has slept better, Eddie has slept better, but you know who is waking up every hour or two to check on the baby! We bought a video baby monitor, so mostly I just click the video on so I can see him, but I do sneak into his room a time or two during the night. Hopefully I will begin sleeping too, soon, but for now I'm just glad he is getting good sleep. I often find myself watching the monitor like its my favorite tv show!

He is definitely an active sleeper! He is in a different position every time I look at him. I always lay him in the same position and he usually ends up with his head towards the other end of the crib and on his stomach by the time he wakes up in the morning!
We usually put a baby gate up at our bedroom door at night, to keep the dog in, otherwise she is running around the house all night waking us up. I wish I would have remembered it was there when I jumped out of bed the other night when Diego started crying. Instead, I ran right into it! I knocked it out of the doorway and fell flat onto it, OUCH! But now, I can officially laugh about it, it truly is hilarious!!!


Sharon said...

A mother's love is a thing of beauty~I love how you expressed it here!!

Rachel said...

He's such a good boy! I'm so happy that he likes sleeping in his bed. You've done a great job!

Ona said...

Good job Diego! Now try and see if you can get your Mama to sleep.

Tiffany said...

I'm picturing the baby gate and Meghan colliding scenario in my head and am finding it quite entertaining. Oh then things we do when we are trying to get to your kid.

Glad you finally made this step. It will take awhile to get into your own groove, but you will find that you both will sleep much better in the long run.

I'm jealous of your video monitor. I've always wanted one!