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Friday, September 19, 2008

Vaseline Cures Cradle Cap: At a Price!

My child was blessed with a full head of hair. It's gorgeous chestnut brown and absolutely adorable. Its what most people notice first about him, next to his beautiful brown eyes.
A few months ago I noticed he had a mild case of cradle cap and contemplated what to do for him. At his four month check up, the doctor recommended using vaseline on his hair before a bath and then washing out to clear it up. Others suggested baby oil, and I also considered one of the many "Cradle Cap Shampoo"s out there. I wanted to see if it might clear up on its own, so I waited a little while before doing anything. One night before bath time, I decided to go ahead with the vaseline on his hair. The hair on top of his head, where the cradle cap was, is pretty long too, at least an inch and a half, so I knew it would be kind of a mess whatever I decided to do because it would take a lot to get the gooey stuff down to his scalp. So, a got a big blob of vaseline from the container and slathered it on his haid. Right away I was regretting this decision. First of all, it immediately made a huge mess of his hair, but I rubbed it in a little anyway and let it sit while he played in the tub. Then, I tried to wash it out. It wasn't coming out! I called Eddie into the bathroom to show him and do you know what he said? "Oh, I could have told you that would be a mess!" What? No help there! So I wash his hair a few more times and still the sticky mess won't come out. Diego didn't seem to mind the mess, so I just left it. The next morning I realized it was still there! So I layed him on the counter in the bathroom and proceeded to wash his hair about 10 more times and it improved, but it was still a greasy sticky mess. We had plans that day, so needless to say, I was freaking out! But, he was growing tired of me washing his hair pretty fast and I started to feel bad. So I went ahead and left it there and put a hat on his head. Later I even got in the tub with him, thinking if I submerged his haid in water it would help, but no.
We went to a birthday party and people kept asking if he was hot cause they thought he was sweating. I just sort of ignored them acting like it was fine. I finally went to the internet for help. Many websites suggested cornstarch to absorb the moisture of the vaseline, but I had none. Then I found a site that said to mix baking soda with baby shampoo, and I tried it. It helped, but it still took 5 more days for the vaseline to disappear. The good news: The cradle cap is gone!! The pictures in this post were taken 3 days after I put the vaseline in his hair!

** I can't figure out how to rotate this picture, does anyone know how?? HELP PLEASE!! **


Ona said...

Your funny Meghan!!

Angela said...

I know this has to be so frusterating for you but seriously this made me laugh! I have no idea how to get something like that out. Maybe you could call the number on the container and they could give you a tip!

Mrs. Ranch said...

Oh, that is a tough one. What a hassle! When our daughter Maggie (now 11) was 2, she spread vaseline all over our cloth couch. It was an absolute nightmare. I can't imagine it in the hair-you can't exactly throw Diego in the washing machine :)

Melissa said...

Too funny! I have a similar cradle cap story. I used baby oil, per doctor's advice, and a baby brush to scrub off the scales. Yah, well, the scales came off, but so did his hair! Poor Zachary had a bald head at 4 months old! That wasn't exactly what I had planned! = )

Tiffany said...

Hey, it is just the slicked back look that all the kids try to get with hair gel and who knows what else...he's in style!

Ashley said...

Oh so funny! I'm sorry to laugh when I can imagine how frustrated you were, but I was cracking up over here! :) Even a bit of a greasy head can't hide how cute little Diego is!