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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rock-a-bye Baby

I have always enjoyed rocking babies to sleep. I was 11 when my oldest nephew was born, and I think I started then. Every child I've ever taken care of has been rocked to sleep by me. Rocked in a rocking chair, rocked by swaying while I was standing up, every sort of rocking you can think of. Now that I have my own baby, I love it even more. I look forward to nap time and bed time every day (for this reason and the obvious reasons. :) ) and I just rock my sweet sweet boy to sleep. After he's asleep I take a few minutes and just watch him. I love every minute of it. I love holding him in my arms. I love that he gets sweaty from the warmth of his Momma's arms. I love that when I put him down, I have an imprint on his ear on my arm. He has grown so fast, I'm enjoying every second.

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Rachel said...

Meghan, you have done an amazing job this past year. Diego is very well loved! I can't wait to see what the future holds.
Keep Rockin'! Luv ya!