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Friday, April 24, 2009

14 Months

My baby is becoming a little boy.
Diego is 14 months and tons of fun! He is such a happy, funny boy to be around. He can be a little shy and loves Momma the most (I can't say I don't love that), but his adorable personality always surfaces. He makes silly faces, says MMMM if he wants a bite of what you're eating, points at random things and things he wants. He is walking quite well, and is very proud of himself! The first week of walking, he would giggle every time he started taking steps. Its more "old hat" now, but he still walks all over with a smile. I am surprised how quickly other things have come since he started walking, he can stand himself up from sitting on the floor and can also bend over to pick something off the floor and stand back up...sometimes these result in a "plop" (which he says), but it doesn't slow him down! If Chloe (the dog) knocks him over, however, this is the end of it all! He gets so mad at her! He has started bringing toys or books to me, which I think is so adorable. I always thank him for the toy or read the book, and he just lights up. He also just started knocking, which is so funny! He will knock on anything, walls, windows, toys, books, the dog! He is starting to recognize people too and will point to Momma or Daddy if asked, he will also point at a picture of baby Reed we have when I ask him "Where is Reed." I was sure this was a coincidence, but he does it often! If you ask him where someone or something is and he doesn't know, he holds his hands out to the side like "I don't know." Eddie taught him this, and he picked it right up, its SO FUNNY!
We had a lot going on this month, including moving so his little schedule was disrupted quite a bit, but he was a trooper.

This month (in no particular order) we: Moved to the new house. Which we are absolutely LOVING!

Got a much needed 2nd haircut, and he cried the whole time! (above:before, below:after)

Daddy started his new position at work.

We celebrated easter and Diego participated in his first easter egg hunt.

We are so very very grateful for this little man, and all he's brought to our lives.


Rachel said...

He's growing up way too fast! I love the look he's giving in the last picture! He's so much fun!

Erica said...

I can't believe how much he has grown!! He is a sweetheart! Of course he loves you the most!! They alwasys do....

Stefanie said...

i love his EYES!!

Ruby points all the time too:) so cute...

Glad life is good for you guys!!

vandings said...

hey there! So im not to good at this blogging thing I left replied to you but it seemed to have gone on my page. well anyways I see you have moved into your new house. Thats exciting. It looks really nice. I should have stopped by before you moved. well thanks for the comment on my daughter, and yes her hair is so funny. Im glad she was born with lots of hair though. Well i hope to see you soon....melissa