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Sunday, May 24, 2009

15 Months!

I feel like Diego saw and learned so many things between 14 and 15 months and I'm sad to say I probably coudn't keep track of them even if I HAD tried. We did take a few trips to new and fun places that he really enjoyed. He has discovered how much he enjoys being outside and our new backyard has a nice covered deck and lots of grass for him to enjoy.
We bought him a tiny pool to play in on the deck and he wasn't really into it. We sat him in it a few times and he got right out. He knows what it is when we ask where's the pool, but just isn't interested in getting in. I took him swimming at the Courthouse outdoor pool with Rachel, Sawyer and Reed and he LOVED that. I guess he just prefers to swim while Momma holds him.

We took a trip to the Zoo with Leah and Cole (who is only 6 weeks younger than Diego) and had a blast. I'm not sure if Diego really looked at the animals as much as I did, but he really enjoyed being outside for the day. He ran around in the grass at the zoo amphitheater and loved it! We saw lots of animals, but I had forgotten just how big the zoo really is, and look forward to more trips up there this summer.

We also went to the carousel for the first time. Diego's friend Savannah was having her 1st birthday party there. He really enjoyed riding, which surprised me because he's a little sensitive and gets scared pretty easily so I figured the horses would scare him. We rode twice and he enjoyed it both times!

His walking skills have improved a ton this month and he has started running, which I think is cute, unless we're outside at a park or something and he's running away from me! :) He continues to chatter away and tries to immitate lots of words we say. He does say several words like "outside" and I've even heard "thank you" a few times, I'm working on please because right now when he wants more food he shouts "more"! Its funny, but it won't be soon enough. He really is just a lot of fun to be around. He's got a great personality and usually is happy to just go with the flow. He has recently started climbing on furniture, which I must say we're not all that excited about! He is awful proud of himself when he actually climbs onto something though, so all you can do is be excited with him!


Erica said...

I can't beleive he is that old already...I do not see him enough! You need to go out a little more and have my babysit again. I am looking forward to him hanging out with us this weekend.
I can't believe how much dang hair he has.....

Tiffany said...

I'm still having trouble with the walking. I haven't seen him since he started that so I still remember him as a floor-boy!

Rachel said...

He's the best baby ever!