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Monday, August 24, 2009

18 Months!

Dear Diego,

Can you really be 18 months old already? I watch you every day in amazement at what a fun little person you've become. You run, you hop, you jump, you slide, you cuddle, you laugh, you scream, you cry, you explore, you talk....boy do you talk! I can't even list all the words you say and you belt out a new one almost every day. You can name and request a few songs you like, not by the actual name of the song, but by the name you chose for it. You are very happy and social, and there is an occasional fit thrown, but they are often very very short. You love to play with "voovies" (DVD's) and you put them on your finger and spin them around. You love the phone and the "bebote" (remote) and will grab them at any moment they are within your reach (even off the counter). You like to get the paper in the morning with me. You love to ride in the shopping cart and when we drive up to the store you say "cart" "gdin" (get in). You tell me when you want out by saying "gdout" (get out). You are most often a very patient youngster and I really appreciate that!! You love to eat "kicken" (chicken nuggets), fries, fruit chewies (lolies), "bewies" (berries), "on" (oranges), "nana" (bananas), "bumbers" (cucumbers), "shishies" (Fishies), and anything with Momma's homemade jam on it, oh and of course "i ceam" (ice cream). Oh and your newfound favorite thing to eat is catsup! You love to watch "Noney" (Barney) and "T Tain" (Thomas the Train), when Momma lets you watch them! You love to read your books and bring them to Momma and Daddy to read to you. Daily you ask where "Yeeah" (Olivia), "Eca" (Erica), "Han" (Hank), "Jag" (Jagger), "Cott" (Scott), "Yawyew" (Sawyer), "Chachel" (Rachel) and "Weed" (Reed) are and everytime the doggie barks you say "hew" (Who's here?). You like to point out your body parts and are quick to point out Mommy and Daddy's too! You are no shy, and if someone talks to you that you don't like you say "bye bye." You will also steal food off anyone's plate if they have something you like! Each day you surprise us with a new word! You have a very hard time sitting still and love to play at the park on the play structures. You play very well at home by yourself, but also enjoy having someone to play with. Your favorite person to play with is "Yeeah" (Via) and she loves it just as much as you do! You have two molars coming in on the top and love to show off your teeth. You are beginning to enjoy brushing your teeth and ocasionally you will let me brush your teeth without a fight.

We have so much fun with you and enjoy watching you grow and learn every day!

Love, Mama


Erica said... are right Diego is Via's favorite person to play with too!! What a nice post for your was very sweet. What a way to remember those special things...I should post about the "itch crack" oh I could go on and on....
Love you.

Rachel said...

What a sweet letter!

Glory Laine said...

Love all his words. You forget so easily what they sounded like. I am so glad you wrote them down.