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Friday, June 18, 2010

Playing in the POOL!

I found a really fun pool at Costco and we had a few warm days in May so we were able to set it up and let Diego have some fun. It really is the best backyard pool I've ever had! A slide, two separate pool areas and even a bench and drink holders for the parents. :) The day we set it up it was supposed to be warm in the afternoon, but he insisted on trying it in the morning. It was only about 55 degrees but he loved it. We took him out when his lips turned blue. He even fought us, strange kid doesn't even care it was cold! BRRRR! He went back in later when it was warm and just had a fantastic time. So glad we got the pool and hope to enjoy it many many days in the summer! I'm betting Chloe will jump in at least once and she likes to use it as her water bowl!

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Rachel said...

We love our pool and Diego will get plenty of use out of it...believe me!!!