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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Full Size Bed

Diego has been sleeping in a full size bed for a week now! He quickly grew uncomfortable in the toddler bed and needed more room, and quite frankly, so did I for my bedtime snuggles! I went and bought just a mattress for now, until we feel more comfortable with him up off the floor on a real bed (his crib converts to a head an foot board for a full size bed). I didn't take pictures or post the first night he slept in the bed because I was waiting for his comforter to arrive. He was so excited today for his "beach" blanket to arrive and when it did he had to go up and lay in his bed under the covers! He keeps calling it his new "beach" bed. He loves the beach, so that's why I told him it was a beach blankie! When I took him to pick out sheets for the bed, he insisted on tan sheets, calling them brown, and called the new bed the brown bed. I'm glad its the beach bed now, calling it the brown bed was sort of wigging me out. I actually really wanted to get Thomas sheets for the bed, but they are really hard to find in full size. I did finally find a brand new set on ebay for a reasonable price, since the only set they had on were $50! He doesn't know about them yet, and they are due to arrive next week, so I'm sure he will be thrilled!
Here is is loving the new bed!

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The Sweet-Wong Family said...

Love the comforter set! Where did you get it?