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Monday, February 28, 2011

3rd Birthday

Around here, we celebrate birthdays for days! Here are some highlights of what we did for Diego's third birthday!Birthday Dinner at the Ram (his choice) with Ice Cream cupcakes. YUM!

Cute (and a little naughty) boy! He spend the entire time we were at dinner trying to climb over the really high backs of the booth we were sitting in.

Cupcakes with his friends at Playgroup. I love that I caught him ready to blow out his candle. Last year, he got too close and burned his eyelashes. Yes, his eyelashes. I know, I'm horrible.

A little playtime at one of his favorite places, NW Kids Club. I am still amazed that his favorite thing to do is play train table. He has a traintable at home, but anywhere we go if there is a train table, he's there!

Jaycoby, Mindy and Ella joined us for playtime at NW Kids club for Diego's birthday. J was having a snack break.

Birthday party at NW Kids club. It was a blast! We had food, family, friends a fun! Diego and his friend Madeleine were almost inseperable the entire evening. It was really cute.

Mouth full of "Jelly Buttons"


Stefanie said...

Yay for three year olds:)

Glad you had fun celebrations:)

I love too how he seems to have pottery barn kids (or very similar to) bedding...and the Thomas the train pillow tucked in real nicely too:)

PS - I can't view Rachel's blog anymore...tell her I need an invite:)

Hugs Meghan!

Erica said...

We've been known to have month long birthay's....I think you were that lucky last year :)
Can't believe he is already three...he needs to come spend the night......EDDIE!!!