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Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 Year Check Up

Diego is petrified of the doctor. I'm not sure if its because of the shots, or if he's just scared, but he cries when we mention it and cries when we get there. We went in for his 3 year check up on March 1st and he didn't want to go. There weren't as many tears as normal, as he can verbalize his feelings a lot more now, but he was still visibly scared. We were waiting in the waiting room and he just wanted to go home. I truly feel bad for my little guy, but going to the Dr is part of life and we've gotta do it. When Maria (his pediatricians nurse) called his name, he got really upset. We went in and he needed to be weighed and measured. He doesn't like either of these things. I can't figure out why its upsetting to him. He weighs 36 1/2 lbs (88%) and is 39 1/2" tall (90%). He continues to top the charts in the height and weight range. They didn't measure his head this time, but I'm sure he's topping them there too (we got him a new bicycle helmet recently and had to buy one for 5+ years old). The doctor had no concerns about Diego's growth and development. I discussed with her his lack of interest in potty training (he goes about once a day on the potty) and general dislike for undies or most things "potty". She said he seems very independent and that most kids with this type of personality will just decide one day they are ready, and that will be it, and that I shouldn't worry about it (Erica told me this, because Jag was this way). Its hard not to worry when all of his little friends are on the potty wagon, but we'll get there. Diego was coloring when Dr Ronai and I were talking and she was really impressed at his grasp on the crayon, she said he holds it better than most 4 year olds! All those hours coloring and drawing with a pen have done some good for the lil guy. I asked her about whether or not it was too early to tell if he was a lefty or a righty, she guessed left because he was holding his crayon so well with that hand. I am thrilled, of course, because I am a lefty, but I wouldn't care either way. Just another person close to me that can agree that we lefty's think with our "right" brain. Her most prominent recommendation: find a preschool for next fall. That's our next project~! (The picture above is him itchin' to get out the door when our appointment was over)


Melissa said...

I highly recommend Titan Tots at WSHS. LOVE their program and so cheap too! But if you want to do it next fall, you'd definitely want to get on the list now. : )

Meredith said...

We love St Mark Lutheran, they are awesome. I have heard awesome things about Titan Tots also, wish my kids could have gotten in there.
Maybe Regan can talk to Diego, she loves to go to the Dr. not sure why, but she does :)

Mike and Mindy Roth said...

Jaycoby wasn't potty-trained until he was 3 3/4 yrs old. It is hard not to stress about it though. I was the same way.
And Diego holds the crayons way better than Jaycoby does. Seriously! What does that say about my kid???? Maybe D can show him a thing or two.
I can't believe you are having to think about preschools already. It happens too fast!

Sharlee Asay said...

We love Titan Tots at WSHS!

Stacey said...

We LOVE Titan Tots! Both of my girls went there. As for the lefty, I have secretly hoped that one of my children were lefty's so I could show them how to do things (I am a righty, but both my parents and siblings were lefty's so I had to learn to adapt to them and do everything left handed except write)

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Found your blog!
It's great! This is how I started, too - just using my blog as my "scrapbook" ... such a great way to document all of the special stuff! :-)
I feel your pain with the potty training. Lucy is 2 1/2 now - and she goes back and forth from acting totally potty trained one wee - to wanting NOTHING to do with the potty the next. I am SO TIRED OF IT, but she is a very independent little thing, too - and I know one day she will just make up her mind to be done with diapers. (hopefully sooner rather than later!)
Keep it up!
~Bec :-)

Erica said...

When he is ready - the light switch will flip and he will just do it.....Diapers don't last forever...but pull ups might :)