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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Pull Up" Festival

We met some friends at the Tulip Festival on a gorgeous day! This was Diego's first trip and he had a blast! He refers to it as the "Pull Up" Festival, and would love to go back! I rode the cow train with him (bumpiest ride EVER), but fun!
He took a little pony ride! He just hopped on for a ride like it ain't no 'thang!

This was the highlight of his day. I'm not sure what they call this, but its a bouncy thing and he went really high! He kept saying "Best day EVER" (like Rapunzel says on Tangled). It was supposed to be a 5 minute ride, but there was no line behind us so I think his turn was about 10 minutes, it was great!

He didn't quite get why I wanted him to look through this, and each time he did I chuckled, it was so funny.

The only thing we didn't do? Walk over to the actual Tulips. I know, I'm lame. But by the time we had played and played and played, it was time to go. :) Next time, we'll go see the flowers first.

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Mike and Mindy Roth said...

Jaycoby rode on the pony once and WHINED the whole time. He refuses to go on a pony STILL. Ugh.
I think those trampoline things looks so fun. I want to do it!