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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday...and still no Baby!

My dear husband turned 30 on April 29th, which is what we've talked about as the official "let's try to have a baby" milestone!! He didn't seem too depressed to have hit this milestone birthday, just happy to have the day off!!

Eddie spent his day relaxing in the morning and enjoying a hot breakfast made by yours truly. That afternoon we were off to a delicious prime rib dinner, curtesy of our good friends Scott & Rachel. We had a great time, eating, playing Friends Scene It (Scott and I let Eddie and Rachel win this time..they cheated!), eating, playing at the park and going for a walk, then eating some more! I made a great ice cream cake for Eddie with a vanilla cookie crust and layers of strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream and sliced strawberries.
Aside from the strawberries being rock hard, the cake was delicious and beautiful!
After a fun afternoon/evening with the Kofoid's, we went home, put Chloe in the car and were off to the Fireman's park up the street from us, which is Chloe's most favorite place to frolic!
I think Eddie had a great birthday, and here's to 30 more!


Rachel & Family said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Eddie!!! Thanks for letting us share your big day with you! And thanks to Meghan for sharing that YUMMY cake. You are such a great chef, and so creative too!!!

Glory Laine said...

Matt and I will take you two couples on anytime for Friends Trivia. Name the place and time and we'll show up with our game faces on.