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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Eddie and I just returned to work after a week off! We spent the week working, relaxing and having fun!
We really enjoy taking time off and going nowhere but home sweet home. Our home is our favorite place to be. Our dog, Chloe, really enjoyed having us around for a whole week, too! She posed for a few pictures! She is spoiled rotten!!
We accomplished a lot during our time off... We changed all the door knobs in our house from brass to brushed nickel, and what difference it makes! We washed the windows inside and out, did lot's of yard work, and built 14 feet of fence in two sections. I must say, building the fence together was pretty fun! I stained all the dog-eared fence boards and Eddie dug up old posts and cemented-in new one's, then we put the boards on and completed each section together. It was hard work, but very satisfying once we were done. I forgot what a great feeling it is to do something together! We really had a great time!

I went to visit my Niece and Nephews one day and we took some fun pictures! They are some of my favorite people to spend time with, and I love them as if they were my own... I have so many pictures of them at work that I've been accused of stealing someone else's family! Hopefully we'll have our own child soon, but until then I'll continue stealing my niece, nephews and of course, little Sawyer Kofoid!
Isn't our fence beautiful???


DindyFischer said...

Chloe is so cute! And by the way, your fence is gorgeous. Keep up the good work Meg!

Rachel & Family said...

What a great vacation! You two did a beautiful job on the fence and yard.
You didn't mention that Eddie turned the Big 30 while on vacation!!! We mourn the loss of your youth, Eddie! (And stop making out with the dog!!)
Hank, Olivia and Jagger are too cute...nice nose pickin'!

Erica said...

What beautiful children your neice and nephews are....Nose Picking is their specialty! You are their favorite is pretty bad that Jag hears the phone ring or brings us the phone and ALWAYS says Meghans on the phone, or can we call Meghan!

Love you!!

Glory Laine said...

Yeah Meghan!!!! I love that you've joined the blogging world. Who needs kids to tell stories. They will love having their whole story documented. Blessed kids to be so wanted by loving parents.

Glory Laine said...

Your public demands more blogging!!!! (look who's talking, I finally just updated)