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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day!

This is completely unheard of for me, I am not known for my timeliness, so for me to compose a blog and post photos from YESTERDAY is, well, shocking! I am literally surprised myself while I type this blog!

Since I'm not yet a mother myself, I asked my Mom and Grandmother to come over to my house for Mother's Day. I made brunch for the three of us...fresh strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar dip, carrots with garlic/spinach dip, mini-muffins, crustless quiche and cheesecake. I had to include a picture of the quiche, which I made in my Demarle Sunflower mold. It turned out so beautiful! We had a very relaxing time, just visiting and eating! My Mom even treated me to a beautiful bouquet of Tulips, on of my favorite flowers. I think Mom and Grandmothoo had a wonderful time, I know I did! Grandmothoo is my name for my grandmother...when I was very young she insisted I call her "Grandmother" didn't quite come out right, but now we all call her Grandmothoo! My niece and nephews couldn't quite pronounce Grandmothoo, they call her Grandmamoo, ahhh family traditions! Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there, maybe next year I'll be one too!


Rachel & Family said...

Meghan, it looks beautiful. You did an excellent job. Your mom and your Grandmothoo felt very spoiled (and very full), I'm sure.
Here's looking at next Mother's Day to celebrate your motherhood!!!
Good job on such a timely post!!!

MOM said...

Meggie, grandma and I had a great time and the food was great!!! The left overs I took home were a great lunch. I also love the pictures and your writing is good. I LOVE YOU !!! LOVE,MOM