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Friday, June 5, 2009

3rd Haircut

At 15 months, Diego got his 3rd haircut! He just got his second about 6 weeks ago and it was already out of control! I had been wanting to just drop into a barber shop or quick haircut shop, but just hadn't done it. I was also a little afraid to go somewhere other than my usual hair salon, but just didn't want to make an appointment, have to wait until the appointment and drive all the way to Silverton. We went to Keizer Station Target this morning and then stopped in at Great clips. It worked out well, there was no line and we got right in. He cried the whole time, just like he did when he got his 2nd haircut. But this time I really can't blame him, the stylist really had no patience for my sweet little man and was fairly unfriendly. She even tried to use the electric clippers, even though my sensitive boy was PETRIFIED of them! She did a good job on the cut though, and I'm pleased with the results!

When we got home and I took some pictures, he gave me this adorable cheesy grin, so I just had to post right away to share it with everyone!


Erica said...

That is so freaking cute!!! He is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! I can't wait for him to come over this weekend!!

Rachel said...

Take these pictures down right now!!! He looks way too old...and I just saw him this morning!
I really am glad you cut his was getting long...not that he isn't adorable anyway. But really, no more big boy pictures!

Angela said...

I am so glad you shared these pics! He is so cute and I can't believe how much he is changing! Happy weekend to you!

mbrassfield said...

You should try little clippers in Lake O. They are completely set up for kids. I can give you the names of my favorite people there and the phonenumber/website so you can check it out if you are interested.

Rachel said...

I love his new haircut!!! He's so adorable!