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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

16 Months

"I Play" is the first thing this boy says the minute he wakes up in the morning. It sounds a little more like "I pay" but its just the cutest thing I've ever heard. He is non-stop on the go all day, everyday and just so much fun! He is really enjoying testing his limits with Mom and Dad these days. He stands on chairs and shakes them while looking at us with a big smile. He tries to climb over the back of the couch. He tries to climb on just about anything he can.
Diego learned how to say "No" on the day he turned 16 months old. Right now, its pretty funny to hear him say no, but it's quickly losing its amusement. He is constantly learning new words and has a memory better than I could have ever imagined he would have at this age. He is always asking for my nephew Jagger and for Sawyer to play with. He will also say "motorcycle" and when you repeat it back to him, he says "Daddy!" He just knows daddy rides a motorcycle.
I made a few batches of fresh berry jam this month and Diego LOVES it! Each morning he asks for "min bears" (vitamin bears) and "bam" (jam). He actually asks for vitamins all day, and I have to remind him we have vitamins at breakfast. So cute! He will even ask for a "baba" and "kiki" (binky) when he's tired.

Diego has become a pro at opening doors in the house and if we're not careful to lock the door, he's out in the garage in a split second! Opening the doors is not my favorite of his new "tricks" I must say, especially since he likes to leave the bathroom while I'm in the shower. I've since put a child lock on the door, but it still was no fun!
We are LOVING our new backyard and we spend a lot of time out there playing. Diego knows which area of the yard to avoid (although he doesn't) because of "poo poo" (where the dog goes potty). He tries to go there every time we're outside!! He got a new outside play structure with a little slide and he's figured out how to go down all on his own, and he's SO proud!

Diego is now 16 months!


Erica said...

Too cute - I love the high chair picture....he sure is a talker!

We love you Diego!!

Rachel said...

He's so freakin' smart!! I love it!