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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun in the Sand!

We took a day trip to the coast today, and were pleasantly surprised with the weather! Not super sunny, but some blue sky, only a little wind and not too cold.

This was Diego's second trip to the coast, but his first experience playing in the sand. He LOVED the sand, and kept putting it in his mouth and saying MMMMMMMM. He had a hard time walking in the dry sand at first, but quickly got the hang of it. He picked up lots of big rocks and threw them and even chewed on a few them, briefly until one of us could tell him "Yuck". He didn't have much interest in the water, so we pretty much just played in the sand. He was covered in sand by the time we left and even after we thought we had cleaned him of most of it, there was a big pile of it in the carseat when we got home! We had a great time at the coast today, and I can't wait to go again and stay the night!


Angela said...

How fun! I miss living so far away from the coast now.

Rachel said...

YOU LET HIM EAT SAND??? AND ROCKS??? No way!!! Seriously, glad he had fuN!