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Friday, July 24, 2009

17 Months

Diego & Auntie Erica

Diego has just exploded with words this month! He will try to say just about anything and recognizes people, places and things. He is really into "cycles", which are motorcycles, bicycles and trucks. Not sure how the trucks fit in there, but to him they are in the same category. I'm excited to get him some sort of bicycle to try out sometime soon, I think he will really enjoy it, even if he has to be pushed for a while.

Recently I opened the book "I love you as Much" to read to him, which we often read at bedtime and naptime and just happened to ask him what one of the animals was, and he said "goat" and he was right! So, I went back to the first page of the book and he named every animal in the book. I was so proud! He is recognizing so many animals these days! He gets a little confused between the horse and the bear, but its all wonderful to me! He also loves the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and can name the first 5 fruits and even some of the foods from the day the caterpillar pigs out! He really enjoys playing with keys and cell phones and will reach out to anyone who has them, even strangers! He also really loves goldfish crackers, or as he calls them "shishies" and even grabbed a handful from cousin Carson's plate without asking. Carson actually thought Diego was leaning towards him for a hug and he dug right into his plate, it was hilarious!

I realized its now been 18 months since I've had a day job and wouldn't go back for anything. Staying home with Diego is the best thing our family could have decided on. Sure, some days, ok weeks, are hard, but every second is worth it. I told my friend Sarah once, after she told me about some trouble she was having at work, that I would take poopy diapers and sleepless nights over work drama, any day! And I meant it!!


Erica said...

He is getting so big - we think you and Eddie need a night out so he can come hang with us again...he just goes with the flow when he hangs out with us. I can't believe he is already 17 months!! You forgot how well he says Jagger! The sleepless nights just get better from here!! Love you!

Tiffany said...

I second the stay-at-home gig! It is the best in the world.

Rachel said...

I wouldn't trade being able to stay at home for more can always make money can't watch your baby grow up again, I am so glad you are enjoying it!

Melissa said...

Meghan, he is absolutely adorable! I love reading your monthly updates. I too agree that staying home is the BEST! I don't miss the full-time work life at all! : )