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Thursday, September 24, 2009

19 Months

At 19 months, Diego is learning to feed himself with a spoon and fork! He is doing pretty well too, you can't tell by this picture because he made a huge mess with applesauce, but he enjoys himself and does a great job! He uses the utensil about every other bite, and his hand the other bites. Its pretty funny to watch. If I remind him to use the spoon he does for every bite and is so proud when the bite makes it to his mouth. I love to watch all of his new accomplishments each day. Whether its feeding himself, saying a new word, catching or throwing a ball...its all fun to experience right along with him.
Lately Diego has begun hugging Daddy and I's legs when he see's us. He's a big snuggler, especially at bedtime but I love the random hugs we get throughout the day now. I'm working on giving kisses, but he doesn't seem to interested in that yet. :) He does let me give him kisses anytime I want though!


Erica said...

He is growing up way too fast! What a big boy!

Rachel said...

How funny...I get kisses and hugs all day...but no cuddles...go figure!