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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

We went to visit The Great Wolf Lodge with Erica, Bryan and Jagger and had a BLAST! We stayed one night and I wish we would have stayed for two! Diego absolutely loved the water, but spent most of his time in the same place you see here in the picture....the boy is completely obsessed with steering wheels and gets so excited to see them. Eddie and I didn't mind just following him around the platform and watching him enjoy himself. I got him down the little kids slide once but not again!
We were all shocked how much Diego loved all the water splashing around him! Diego and Jag had a great time together too. Jag is always so sweet to Diego, he even really wanted to share his grilled pb&j dinner with him! I loved that my magical wrist band bought us everything we wanted while we were there too, but then we got the bill. We cannot wait to go back and play at Great Wolf Lodge many more times!


Erica said...

Thanks for going! We had a great time.....and can't wait to go again!

Mike and Mindy Roth said...

Jaycoby still talks about "the wolf place" and we went in April. It's a lot of fun. Jaycoby mentioned Diego yesterday. It was really funny. He was talking about some song or joke or something and he said "I want to show it to Diego when he's crying and having his hair cut so it will make him happy". He hasn't brought up Diego since you guys came over. It was pretty random, but cute.

Tiffany said...

I'm a bit late...I have no idea how I missed reading this post, but I did.

I'm gonna have to get the scoop from you on this place. I wanted to go this summer but we never made it. Maybe it will be our family trip for next summer...looks like a blast!