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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Race for the Cure

Today was Diego's second ride in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Portland. We had an early start to the day, on the road by 6 am! I had to wake both Diego and Olivia (who was staying with me), and I learned its much easier to wake an 18 month old than an almost 13 year old. Diego woke up super happy and Olivia wasn't as excited. We met Erica, Bryan, Hank, Jagger and Miranda at the Wilsonville Starbucks and with Latte's in hand made our way to Riverfront Park in Portland for the walk. We spent our first hour picking up race numbers, t-shirts and all the are there a lot of freebies at this race! We picked up lots of snacks and lots of race paraphernalia. Last year, Diego fell asleep before the race started and slept until we were just about done. This year, he was awake until we were almost done! He did a lot of snacking along the route (thank goodness for all the freebie snacks available). The boy at 2 1/2 bananas! He loves them! This year it was Jagger who slept the whole route and woke at the end! We didn't even break a sweat during the 5k because there are so many participants in the walk, you can't really walk fast, especially with a stroller. After the race we stopped at Red Robin for lunch and then headed home. Another fun walk, looking forward to next year!


Erica said...

It was so fun....little crowded, but lots of fun - can't wait til next year....actually I look forward to the day when everyone can walk it or ride scooters...stroller suck! Love you...Remember: Feel your boobies!

Rachel said...

Feel your boobies!!