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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Eddie and I were so excited for Christmas this year so we could share all the fun with Diego. He seemed excited about it too as we did our shopping, baked and decorated cookies and wrapped presents. I realized after I finished my shopping that next year I won't be able to shop for him while he's with me.

Here is our first "Santa" set up. The cute little Radio Flyer bike and helmet were actually from Grandma G.G. but they were a bit hard to wrap, so we threw them in. We had so much fun setting up and putting things together on Christmas eve!

On Christmas morning, we woke up to Diego saying "Merry Christmas Daddy" over the baby monitor. While you might think how adorable it is that he was saying this on Christmas morning, Eddie and I were in heaven because it was morning and he had slept in his own bed the whole night! Merry Christmas to US! He even layed back down for about 30 minutes and I jumped out of bed to warm up my very first batch of homemade Cinnamon Rolls (thanks to a great recipe from Rachel), bake a breakfast casserole and turn on the coffee! When Diego woke up again, Eddie picked him up to bring him downstairs and he was just so adorable. Every morning he says "downstairs please" immediately when we get him, but this morning he was jumping and could see the presents from Santa! He came down and said "oh look" to everything he saw. We dumped out his stocking and played for a bit, and decided we should try to open some of the wrapped presents, but he wanted nothing to do with it! So, we played for an hour or so, then he decided it was time to open more presents.

After spending the morning at home and taking a nice nap, we headed over to Auntie Erica and Uncle Bryan's house for some more Christmas fun! Diego loves to go to "Erica's House" and play with Hank, Via and Jag. Hank had a great time helping Diego open presents and we all had fun just enjoying each other's company and relaxing. We had a great dinner (thanks Erica and Bryan) and a great time!


Erica said...

Diego had so much fun on Christmas - I can't wait til this next year when he is into the "elf" what is't name twinkle?

Rachel said...

Merry Christmas!! And nice shirt Meggie!!!