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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visiting Santa

We were invited to visit Santa at our friend Sarah's house last night. Diego and I went to check in out and I was hoping to get a good picture of him with the Silverton Santa. This Santa looks like the real deal. He has REAL white hair and a real white beard. He also has a gorgeous suit and really enjoys talking to kids. Santa took some time to talk about what happens on Christmas Eve and answer many questions from the kids. He sang carols with them and read them The Night Before Christmas too.
We've learned that Diego really isn't a shy child. He was walking around the room to kids he didn't know just sort of chatting or holding his toy cell phone to their ear. They all loved it, even Santa. And when Diego climbed on the chair behind Santa and jumped off, Santa looked at me and asked if he was about 2. I laughed and said yes. He said, "He's not being naughty, he's just being 2. He will still get something nice from Santa for Christmas." I was shocked that Diego was not at all scared of Santa. He even layed on the floor next to him while he spoke to the other kids. Everyone thought that was hilarous! He sat on Santa's lap twice. Once for some pictures and once so Santa could give him a bag of goodies. I had told him earlier in the day that Santa would be giving him some candy, so he said "Santa, Candy!" After he got down with the bag of goodies, he said "Oh Thank You Santa." It was soooo cute! He also really loved Santa's Jingle Bells!
Diego and Auntie Erica
Here he is just Chillin next to Santa playing with the toy cell phone.
Santa is saying "I wish I could still do that!"

Even though he's not looking at the camera, I still think this is a great picture of Diego with Santa! I was just happy there were no tears!


Rachel said...

Diego is so funny. I can't believe he was rolling around on the floor. He must have been quite entertaining. Glad he didn't cry this time when he sat on Santa's lap! Cute picture.

Erica said...

I am so glad you is always fun to see Santa and Karen goes all out! Plan on it for next year!