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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree 2009

This year we decided to get a HUGE Christmas tree because the new house has a PERFECT Christmas tree spot with bay windows and all. I really enjoy decorating the tree, but what I forgot to think about was the almost 2 year old who now is In. To. Everything. He was in LOVE with the tree, the ornaments and the lights. By the time Christmas actually rolled around the tree was only 1/2 decorated (from the middle up) and he was constantly turning the lights on and off and yanking on the needles. Not mention all the toys he thought needed to "get in" the tree, and sometimes he wanted to climb in himself. I loved that he was so interested in the tree, but I was always paranoid he would pull it over on to himself or something! We also couldn't put any presents under the tree, which made Christmas morning that much more of a surprise for him! The day after Christmas I drug this monster out of the house all by myself. I was just ready. It wasn't too bad, except all the water that spilled on my nice soft carpet. Oh well, it only took 2 days to dry. Lesson learned.

We woke up this morning hearing Diego say "Merry Christmas Daddy" over the baby monitor.

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