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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Party!

I was so excited for Diego's party! I had a lot of fun preparing and decorating! We went with a Lightnin' McQueen (CARS) theme this year and I think it was all so cute. We had lots of family and friends here to celebrate and we missed those who couldn't be here with us. Diego was so excited for presents and cake! When we opened presents, he was all into it at first, but then wanted to play with a new toy, so I did a lot of opening but we played a lot after they were open! He really loved the cake and dug right in while everyone was singing Happy Birthday to YOU! Great party!


Rachel said...

IT was a great birthday party! Diego was hilarious!

Rachel said...

And don't feel bad about the present opening that didn't happen!!! I went back and looked at Sawyer's 2nd birthday party and she did the same thing with her gifts...she was so excited about the first one...that you can see my mom and me opening all her gifts and setting them up around her so she could just play...She was surrounded my piles of toys and loving it!! So he's just like any other 2 year old!!!!

The Sweet-Wong Family said...

Lennon flipped when she saw the pictures of Diego's birthday party. She is a new fan of Cars. : ) Looks like he had a great birthday!