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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Train Table

If I haven't already mentioned it, Diego LOVES trains. Specifically, he loves Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends. We started his train collection with plastic tracks and metal trains and quickly realized we should have started with a train table and wooden tracks. The plastic tracks come apart very easily, and are difficult to put together especially for a 2 year old. He would constantly get frustrated. With his birthday coming up, I started looking around for a train table and wooden train set. I found the perfect set at Toys R Us and I wanted to get it right away, I was so excited for him to play with it. At first, Eddie said no that we shouldn't give him any birthday gifts early, but I wore him down and we picked it up about a month before his actual birthday. And, ta da, Eddie (with some help from me) put it together the same day. It took about 4 hours to get the thing put together correctly, but Diego was immediately in love. He plays with it for hours every day.He apparently got bored with the set up because even after we tried to super glue pieces of it to the train table, he has completely taken it apart, but seems happy to put it back together in is own way.

He thought the drawers were for him to sit in while playing trains. We set him straight though. Haha!

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Rachel said...

It doesn't even look like him...sitting in the drawer! Ahhh the train table!