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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Its a Beautiful day for Sidewalk Chalk

I bought some sidewalk chalk a few days ago and the weather has been just gorgeous, so we decided to try it out this morning. We LOVED it! Daddy even joined in on the fun and Diego and I spent at least 30 minutes out there coloring before I drug him in the house for lunch and a nap.He really wanted Daddy and I to color with the sidewalk chalk, but he also wanted to hold all of them in his hands while he colored. He was torn.

Who knew sidewalk chalk was so messy? He kept sitting in his drawings. I loved that he ended up with it all over him by the time we headed in!


Rachel said...

I love it! He did such a good job!
Sawyer and I would spend hours decorating the driveway...lots of zoos...tracks...sunshine scenes...Have fun!!!

Erica said...

He looks to really be enjoying himself! And maybe a little like Grandmothoo...a little artistic!

Angela said...

SO cute! I know that stuff is sooo messy. haha