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Monday, March 15, 2010

New Camera

About a week and a half ago, I lost my small Cannon camera. The one I use every day. I didn't just lose it, I drove off with it on the bumper of my car. Yep. I did it. I remember putting it there and thinking "I'm not going anywhere so I know I'll get it later." Then, I decided to go somewhere. Later when I went to find it to post a blog with the pictures on it, I remembered what I had done. So I walked up and down my street a little in the dark to see if I could find it. Then Eddie looked on his way home. Then the next morning at 7 am we all went out in the car and drove to all the places I had gone. It was gone. I'm glad there were very few pictures on it and the events recorded could be easily re-created. Fortunately, I have a very forgiving husband who didn't even give me a bad time about it. I'm pretty sure I was more upset about it than he was. The next day I ordered a new one from and got it later that week. Its a Nikon Coolpix S3000 and I already love it. Its small and its purple and it was inexpensive! I'm still really thankful it wasn't the Nikon SD5000 on the back of the car I drove off in. I have a feeling Eddie may not have been so forgiving had I driven off with HIS camera and lost it.

Heeeelllllloooooo Chloe! For some reason, I die laughing every time I see this picture!

Diego and a 1/2 smile while watching Thomas

Mmmm a mouthful of bathwater.

Monkey hooded towel, complete with a tail!


The Sweet-Wong Family said...

Hmmm...maybe I should "leave my camera on the car and drive away". I've been dying to get a new one for ages, this could be the perfect crime. : ) Hope the new camera sticks around!

Erica said...

Love the pics....great one of Chloe and love the Monkey Towel one the best!