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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


At Christmastime Diego and I decorated a few Christmas cookies and he fell in love with "Splinkles" and frosting. A few weeks ago we were at Target perusing the easter section and he saw a funfetti cake mix and a frosting can with sprinkles on top. Cake AND Frosting with sprinkles? He had to have them, and they were a lot cheaper than a toy. Today we finally made the cake and he had fun with the frosting and "splinkles" and I really enjoyed watching him!


Rachel said...

mmmmm What a yummy treat! You are such a good mom that you let him help you!!! And he still looks so clean!!!

The Sweet-Wong Family said...

Wow Meghan! What a fabulous Mom you are. Letting the kid make cake and eat it too? We haven't braved that realm of cooking with the kiddo for fun. We have barely introduced her to playdough due to my anal retentive cleanliness. : )

Erica said...

You are a wonderful Mom - with more patience than anyone I know...well I would say you and Amy are tied!! Good for you for letting him have fun! Teach him how to cook young!!