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Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Week

If you know me, you know I am generally uneasy when it comes to change. This has been a trying week for me. Even good changes bring me angst. Having a child magnified this a bit. This week has been a somewhat trying week for me. Diego hurt himself. He started going pee on the potty (good change but still a little scary). And, if those werent enough, he suddenly decided he hated his crib. This child has LOVED his crib. He begged for bed a lot of nights and naptimes, but a few nights ago it was all of a sudden terrible. I couldn't figure it out. The first night, he slept with us because I just couldn't figure out why he was upset. Eddie brought him to bed because we weren't sure if he was scared or what. The next day at naptime, same thing. So, no nap. Last night, I knew he was exhausted but he was still upset, so I rocked him to sleep. No big deal, then he slept all night in his bed. Today at naptime he wanted everything out of his crib and I left the door open half way and he went to sleep like normal. Tonight, he threw himself out of the crib. THUD. Not a pleasant sound or feeling for a parent. I felt so bad. He and Eddie are sound asleep in my bed and I am down here pondering the thought of what it will be like to move him to a big boy bed. I am very anxious about what this transition will bring. We have had 5 months of bliss. Put him in bed, he goes to sleep, takes a long nap or sleeps all night. Now, thats over. I have had very reassuring advice from other Mommy friends about the transition so I'm sure it will be fine, but its change and I'm done with change for a while. One other change, although good, he gave up the binky completely. He was only using it at night anyway, but he's done. If anyone can believe it, I'm struggling with that too. I'm afraid to get rid of them cause he "might need it". Maybe all the change is so hard for me because he's not a baby anymore and is giving up everything that has to do with being a baby. That's probably it. But like I said, I'd like a break from change. Maybe next week will be really boring.


Rachel said...

Ha Ha...I hope next week is really boring!!!
I have to say, after Sawyer got use to the initial shock of having the ability to get in and out of bed herself...The best part of her sleeping in a bed was SNUGGLES!!! You get to lay in bed with you baby and snuggle and then get up and sleep in your own!!

Mike and Mindy Roth said...

You're hilarious. And I fear that "boring" and "Diego" just don't go together.
I still have a hard time letting go of the baby phase. That's why I had to have another one ;-). I'm constantly asking Mike if Jaycoby is still "little" at least. Some of the changes I welcomed with open arms, but I struggled letting go of blankets, binkies and the crib too :-(

Stefanie said...

I love cribs too - I feel your pain. I keep my girls in them as long as possible:) but sounds like diego has different plans!

Change is hard - but you sound like you are a step ahead of it all in recognizing how hard it is for you. Be easy on yourself this week(s). Lots of coffees, extra snuggle times, and watch funny television!!

You're doing great - really truly.