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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun Morning with Grandma!

Diego and I got up today and decided to head over to my Mom's house for the morning and we had a great time! We got there and visited for a while and then headed down the street to Silverton's Saturday Market. Diego enjoyed the walk and looking at what the market had to offer. I had to stay right on his heels, I was afraid he was going to steal some produce to eat! My mom got a watermelon (which turned out to have yellow flesh and was so good!) and canteloupe and I got a bouquet of beautiful flowers! After the market we headed back to my Mom's and she and Diego picked lots of tomatoes from her garden. Diego loves to "harvest" from the garden and enjoyed lots of fresh sunsugar tomatoes! Then we walked down to the park, and the one in Silverton is one of his favorites!
He has a newfound love for swings and had a blast swinging with both Grandma and Mama! Then, we headed off to visit Grandma Pearlee. Diego wasn't too sure about the visit at first, but decided it was ok when she gave him some candy!

Thanks Mom, for a really fun time! Love you!


Rachel said...

He's getting so big!
There is just something special about the relationship between a grandparent and a child. That bond is so can see Diego loves being with your mom!

Angela said...

So special for that little guy!

Love the blog too!