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Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Hoppy" Easter!

Easter was pretty low key, but a lot of fun this year!

 On Easter morning, the Easter Bunny hid a few eggs and an Easter basket for a really excited little guy!

 We hit the Ram for a yummy Easter brunch!

 The day before Easter, we colored Easter Eggies with Grandma, Uncle Lance, Aunt Yuni, Jack and Benie.  Diego really loved coloring the eggies with a crayon and then dunking them in the dye!

Diego LOVED participating in the MOMs Club Egg Hunt.  He got 4 eggs, and you would have thought the boy had a HUGE basket full judging by his excitement!  He was in heaven.  And, he got a bit of Candy at 10 am, what could be better?

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Mike and Mindy Roth said...

Love, love, love the b/w pic of you two! The pic of him running on his hunt for eggs is awesome. And I thought his Superman basket was SO cute (I saw it on top of your fridge yesterday).